The Hunter :

' Health of the entire family '    or    ' Mosquito Repellent '

Which one will you choose ?

Authentic studies say using mats, liquid repellent and coils can do severe harm to human being. Like Corneal damage, Asthma, Damage to liver, Shortness of breath, Loss of fertility etc. On the other hand, you can not ingnore the mosquito menace also. So how to get rid of them, in a healthy way? You are seeing the solution here.Hunter Mosquito Terminator.A simple shock that can give them a fiery death. Easy to use. Economic than anything else meant for the same purpose. You can carry it anywhere you go. Picnic or trekking, for instance. Then, the best part is..., well you already know,..there is no chance of health problem.

Directions for use:

Install 1.5v Battries 2 Nos(AA) size in the space provided in the handle.

Prees the button, now the unit is ready for a kill/operation.

Bring the device close to the mosquitoes/insects.

Gently swing/oscillate the Hunter with the button pressed,so that the net touches or comes close to the mosquitoes/insects.The electric field will attract then and kill them instantly.


Do not touch the net wihle the unit is "ON".

Don't touch the net with metal articles to initiate sparks for fun, as it may give shocks and spoil the unit.

Drop the burnt-out insects stuck to the net, soon after the device's use. This is to avoid unnecessary sparks that cause loss of cell life.

Don't touch the net immediately after switched "OFF", because the charge remains for 15seconds.

Don't allow the children to use the Hunter.
Keep it beyond their reach.

"Hunter" kills the Mosquitoe with a BLASTING SOUND